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We help large and medium-sized organizations in all industries to ensure their leaders and employees are engaged in the process of implementing internal initiatives and processes that are developed to achieve the strategy – creating sustainable results from the inside.

Whether it be working directly with your leadership team or delivering a program that reaches thousands of employees across the globe, with the Samsari ACT process as a catalyst, you will implement a new way of developing your organisation, using your unique preconditions to develop your business agility through your leaders.

Examples of strategic initiatives

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Case study

  • Telecom

    • International Telecom Company – Activation program creating understanding and engagement for the new purpose and values

      Business challenge:

      The company was looking for a way to bring their new purpose and values to life for 27,000 employees globally. They needed to create awareness, understanding and engagement as initial steps on the journey to having the whole company working in line with the purpose and values. The solution had to be inspiring and easily accessible in order to reach all employees across countries, cultures and companies.

      Taking action:

      The Samsari solution used the inclusive attraction of social media together with the power of knowledge sharing. This included a stand-alone digital platform – the Engagement Platform – where employees from all over the world were asked to share their perspective and ideas about what the company’s purpose means to them on an individual level. It also included several films and materials for 3-hour workshops, held locally.


      Workshops have taken place throughout the whole organization with regular activity on the Engagement Platform in all regions through the sharing of stories, ideas and experiences. The program has kick-started the process of assimilating the new purpose and values into the company’s current ways of working.

  • Construction industry

    • International constructions company – Help leaders deliver on the strategy by focusing on people engagement

      Business challenge:

      The company needed to increase leader’s understanding of how performance management supports the organization and its results. The company wanted to emphasize the connection between their overall people strategy and how it supports business in a long-term perspective. Additionally, there was a need to increase the use of existing HR tools and processes among leaders in the whole organization.

      Taking action:

      Samsari made a pre-study to describe the current situation, organizational needs, stakeholder analysis and target group characteristics linked to the business challenge.

      Based on the outcome of the pre-study, a workshop framework was developed around how and why performance management functions as an important driver of people development. The framework also addressed how the different tools and processes support leaders in connecting to the strategy, and achieving aligned business results.


      The program is currently being rolled out on a country by country basis and has been well received by the organization and pilot groups.

  • Bank

    • Nordic bank – Leadership training to develop skills and align the organization around the strategy and goals

      Business challenge:

      Newly appointed managers within the bank needed to develop leadership skills to fulfil the company’s goals and strategy.

      Taking action:

      Samsari developed a program that supports practical management as well as increased ability to see the whole picture. It gives new managers the confidence to act in order to fulfil the goals and strategy of the bank. Reflection, action and learning from each other is the key to develop managers in accordance with the bank’s manager profile.

      The program contains the following key characteristics:

      • 4 modules of 3 days each. The first part of each module is focusing on the leadership toolbox, delivered by a partner supplier according to customer request, and the second part is focusing on the bank’s strategy and driving execution.
      • Group projects to learn and create real action and results within the bank.
      • Dialogue maps to facilitate learning, discussions and to create engagement.

      A number of group projects have been implemented in the organization with good results. Furthermore, as a result of the program, employee satisfaction has improved.

  • Holding company

    • Holding company – Top management meeting creating engagement around the strategy for growth

      Business challenge:

      To become a true leader in the industry, one of the company’s challenges was to create a common view and engagement around how to shape and define the next phase of its strategy for growth.

      Taking action:

      Colleagues from all management teams and group functions were gathered in a top management meeting. Through active participation, using dialogue maps, they were encouraged to inspire each other, share ideas and network with colleagues to create a common view on how to continue to work with the company’s strategy and vision.


      Following the meeting, more than 95% of the participants stated that they received a new-found understanding of the new strategy and understood how to apply it to their jobs.

      A strong team of leaders with a shared view of the way forward and the challenges ahead had been created. They shared a positive spirit and engagement around the actions needed to turn the strategy into reality.

  • Retail Group

    • Retail group – Accelerate the digital transformation among the Group companies

      Business challenge:

      To maintain the Group’s leadership in retail adopted to the new digital environment.

      Taking action:

      Selected representatives from the different Group companies formed workshops focusing on hands-on strategic challenges for the retail sector. The workshops included both knowledge sharing, project plans, business planning and strategic evaluations.


      Following the workshops, the Group have a much stronger internal platform driving the digitalisation of the retail sector. All key companies in the Group now have a clear path to digitalisation, sponsored by the top management.

  • Large knowledge company

    • Large knowledge company – Leadership networks for a more comprehensive customer offer through increased collaboration

      Business challenge:

      A new strategic prioritization created a need for the company to collaborate between divisions and offer complete solutions to customers. This required increased cooperation and alignment among leaders.

      Taking action:

      Samsari developed:

      • Leadership network meetings with activities and supporting materials to develop leadership skills across the whole organization. 2-3 occasions per year with groups of 10 people.
      • A workshop framework for leaders including exercises, an internal forum for discussion and facilitation of meetings.
      • Leadership Principles to provide direction and support leaders, along with a film, presentation and printed materials.

      A total of 120 leaders have participated in the initiative so far, resulting in increased collaboration and communication between divisions. One example, is two units who together created and sold an entirely new solution as a result of participating in the network meetings.