Hands-on engagement

We work with a wide range of different tools to create engagement and action in all parts of your organization. All of our tools and concepts are hands-on, easy to use and proven to be successful and efficient in helping leaders learn and lead.

In most cases, we work to combine different tools to gain greater effect and reach a wider range of learning needs. If we face a situation where no existing tool is suitable – we develop a new one!

Leadership development

Great leadership is critical in any organization. We have been leaders ourselves and understand the reality you face and what it takes to make your strategy happen. We encourage people to step out of their comfort zones, by combining leadership tools such as feedback, coaching and group dynamics together with a strong focus on working with concrete strategic challenges that drive business results.

Film & media

To highlight best practice, to be inspirational or instructional, to tell stories… we use film and media in different formats to get the message across in a clear and effective manner.

We work with illustrations and drawings, motion graphics, drama film and interviews. Our productions are often used as eye-openers; creating understanding for the need for change and communicating the “why” behind your initiatives.

Workshops & management meetings

To help communicate your strategies, we create content and structure for workshops and management meetings. We facilitate, moderate and lead workshops; or simply develop structure and materials for you to use on your own. We create concepts that are effective and engaging, to ensure good use of participants’ invested time, and generate tangible outcomes.

Digital communication & engagement

To drive communication and engagement we work with a wide range of applications and platforms as well as tools for digital learning. Digital tools can be used as a complement or stand-alone solution, depending on the message, target group and expected outcome. We constantly keep track of new tools to help add value to our customers and we co-operate with suitable partners to make your strategy happen.

Dialogue maps

To encourage dialogue and a shared learning experience we use dialogue maps during workshops and training programs. Standing around the map, having engaging discussions, writing your answers or suggestions… all while seeing the red thread between different exercises creates an effective way to learn, build engagement and drive change.