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Culture and speed essential to become a winner in the digital world

The digital development puts pressure on businesses, creating a decrease in EBIT and revenue growth in many industries. And more than 75% of companies are not currently on a viable path to ride this through economically.

In digitalization the winner takes it all. And strategy matters. There is large potential in broadening the scope of digitization to cover all areas of the company. To succeed, you must get the whole organization to buy in to the need for change, and understand how the digital development affects their part of the organization. Culture and speed are essential.

Learn more in the podcast “Facing up to digital disruption: Reinventing the core with bold business strategy”

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Why most companies fail at strategy execution

Research points out the need to engage emotionally and create a culture that supports the change in order to succeed with strategy execution.

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How Artificial Intelligence can, and will, use information to change management

What happens to management when we can apply data science to human interactions and draw conclusions based on large data sets? When we can combine experience with knowing more about how the world actually works through AI?

Read more in this interesting article.

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How to convince your organization that there’s a need for internal communication

Employees are becoming more and more important for success, and with that comes a need for broad, engaging and well-functioning internal communication. Having a narrow definition of internal communication simply won’t do in the future business landscape.

Click here to get inspiration on how to make the case for internal communication.

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The hardest part of Digital transformation is the people change

We are in exciting times. Rates of change that used to be described as ‘disruptive’ are no longer described so. Consumers expect change and their expectations keep on growing. Businesses are keen to deliver and the future holds even more with astounding advancements being made in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.  But now that digital has become the norm, are digital teams set-up as needed?

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People power in transformations

A new survey suggests that for organizational transformations to succeed, they need employee buy-in at all levels, consistent communication, and better people strategies.

Read more from McKinsey here: The people power of transformations

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Digital transformation is pure business development

Read about digitalization as a mindset and way of developing your business and business models in this interview with Anki Ahrnell at Bonnier.

Click here to read the interview (Swedish).

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Technology disruption meets the change monster…who wins?

Digitalization is happening all around us, and can be seen as both challenge and opportunity. But how can organizations change at the speed needed not to be left behind? Patrick Forth outlines the challenge of driving fast change in large organizations – crucial in our world of technological disruption – in his TED-talk.

Click here to see the talk.

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